Ian Chris

The First Days of New Earth (Genesis 8:5-22)

The ark comes to rest in the mountains of the north, and begins to spill out the life it contains, filling the wastelands below with life and true worship.

The End of the Apocalypse (Genesis 7:17-8:4)

The last days of Old Earth turn out to be traumatic for everyone — the only difference is that, for some, the trauma leads to death, while for others: new life.

The System of the Apocalypse (Genesis 7:1-16)

God fills the structure Noah has built with life and, in the process, makes it holy.

The Structure of the Apocalypse (Genesis 6:9-22)

God shares with his last remaining son on earth that a judgement of epic proportions is coming. This revelation produces a structure, and this structure is designed to make room for life.

Joy in the Journey (Philippians 3:1-21)

Paul finishes his letter…then decides to keep going. He wants to make sure his friends understand they already have their citizenship in heaven, and that part of the fun is unwrapping that gift!

The Foundations of the Covenant (Genesis 2:4-14)

A special creature is scraped together out of the dust of a wilderness planet and receives the image of God. Meanwhile, in the mountains of the east, a valley fills with life and begins to spill over into the wastelands below…

The Priest of the Covenant (Genesis 2:15-17)

God commissions the man to act as Prime Minister and Priest of the garden-temple, to work it and protect it. But protect it from what?

The People of the Covenant (Genesis 2:18-25)

God commissions a woman to act as helper to the high priest, to work him and protect him. But protect him from what?

The Breaking of the Covenant (Genesis 3:1-8)

God told the man not to seize the fruit of knowledge for himself, but now a serpent shows up and says he really should. Why? Where did this serpent come from? And why is it a serpent and not something else?

The Consequences of the Covenant: the Serpent (Genesis 3:9-15)

Judgement Day begins. The serpent is condemned to endure millennia of war and inevitable defeat. But why? Isn’t the serpent just an animal? How can it be held accountable?

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