Ian Chris

The System of the Apocalypse (Genesis 1:14-25)

God fills the structures he made with life and, in the process, reveals the meaning behind the whole thing.

The Structure of the Apocalypse (Genesis 1:3-13)

God begins to share who he is with the universe. Revelation produces structure. Structure makes room for life. And life leads to further revelation.

He is There and He is Not Silent (Genesis 1:1-2)

The first two verses of scripture reveal that there is One God, that he is a Personal God, and that he has the power of creation and destruction. But is that all there is to know about him?

The Inciting Incident (Ruth 1)

A wealthy woman loses everything and has to come crawling back home. Bitterly, she wonders which God she is being ruled by: the Judge or the Redeemer?

The First Act Break (Ruth 2)

A job opportunity presents itself, but what are the potential costs — and benefits?

The Mid-Point Shift (Ruth 3)

Naomi comes up with a questionable plan, but Ruth has an even better idea…

The Third Act Twist (Ruth 4)

Boaz hatches his own plan, and as a result a messiah is born in Bethlehem.

The Bible vs. the World: Gender (Genesis 1&2)

Are men and women identical, interchangeable? Or are they equal but different, each one unique, with something unique to offer the world?
Listen in to find out…

Creation (Song of Songs 1:1-3:5)

Girl sees guy, girl flirts with guy, girl sneaks away with guy, girl shuts guy down, girl brings guy home to meet the family.

Covenant (Song of Songs 3:6-5:1)

Guy marries girl, while everyone else is mystified. Why buy the cow when you can (probably) get the milk for free?

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