Ian Chris

The Death of the Law, or: Where Reprogramming Begins (Luke 22:66-23:25)

Jesus goes on trial for his life. He is found guilty, then not guilty, then guilty again, and still he makes no attempt to escape. Why not? the crowd wonders — and then they jump to a terrible conclusion.

The First Day of the End of the World, or: Jesus Plunders Satan’s Final Stronghold (Luke 23:26-56)

The dragon accomplishes his goal, bringing Jesus down to defilement, shame, and death. Too late, he discovers that his goal is actually God’s goal: he has voluntarily opened the gates of his central stronghold to the Son of God, who promptly plunders Satan’s Kingdom of the Dead and sets the prisoners free.

The Journey, the Table, and the Prophets, or: When God Says It’s Time, It’s Time (Luke 24:1-35)

The women get up early to prepare Jesus’ body for resurrection on Judgement Day, only to discover they aren’t needed. As usual, the men refuse to listen — until God decides they must.

The Deeper Magic From Before the Dawn of Time, or: Suffering=Sonship (Luke 24:36-53)

As the disciples struggle to understand how the world has changed, Jesus commissions them to a life of prophetic martyrdom and promises them that their Father God will always love them — no matter what happens.

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