or: One For the Road (Luke 22:1-38) 

As Satan puts his plans in motion, Jesus promises to fight and die for his disciples. They promise to fight and die for him in return. Jesus says, “No, you won’t.” Then he tells them to hurry up and eat — it’s time to get on the road.  

or: The Song of the New Exodus (Luke 1:68-79) 

As Zechariah the Priest contemplates the first Christmas ever, he begins to realize that the Roman empire is not the enemy — he is. And then he realizes it doesn’t matter, because God is a “me for everyone” kind of God.

or: Jesus, With a Donkey, On the Mountain (Luke 19:28-48) 

As Jesus approaches Jerusalem, he fulfills several ancient prophecies all at once, proving that he really is the Messiah. Then, to the crowd’s delight, he finally kicks off Judgement Day! No, wait, he doesn’t. Or…does he?

or: How To Survive the Disappointment if He Isn’t (Luke 19:11-27) 

As Jesus finishes his dinner at Zacchaeus’ house, everyone expects Judgement Day to happen tomorrow when he arrives in Jerusalem. Jesus explains that it just isn’t going to happen like that — and how to survive the disappointment.

or: Being Seen is Believing (Luke 18:35-19:10) 

When Jesus arrives (suddenly) at the gates of Jericho, everyone realizes he is less than twenty kilometers from Judgement Day. One man screams. Another one climbs a tree. And Jesus answers the question, "Who then can be saved?”

or: Put Down Your Controller and Watch the Cut-scene (Luke 18:9-34) 

As tensions rise the closer Jesus gets to Jerusalem and Judgement Day, the people all begin to wonder, "Who is going to survive?" Jesus tells them the good - and the bad - news.