What We’re Doing: Digging Wells

Really, we’re in the business of providing water for thirsty travellers. But that means digging wells.

So what do we mean by “digging wells”?

For us, the water of life is Jesus Christ himself. And we believe that the best way to meet him is through the ancient collection of writings now called the Bible. The bible describes the history of the cosmos, and shows how human beings fit into that history. Even more importantly, it reveals how God had a plan from the very beginning to enter into human history by taking on a human body and living a human life: the man we came to know as Jesus Christ. Through a story of epic grandeur — that took thousands of years to write down — Jesus’ divine life was poured out upon the earth and made available to every thirsty traveller who stops for a drink. The promise is that one day his spirit will permeate everything and make all things new: not just human beings but all of creation. We believe that thirsty travellers can drink of Jesus’ divine life by reading the bible and letting its spirit renew them little by little.

So when we talk about “digging wells”, what we mean is “opening the bible every week and doing our best to make sure everyone gets to meet Jesus there”. Every Sunday, we gather together to hear God’s voice speak life to us from the pages of Christian scripture. Because these writings are so old, sometimes it takes a bit of explaining before the original writer’s intent becomes clear. But once it is made clear, we have found that the wisdom of the ancients is just as relevant now as it was when it was written! We have found that when the bible is the well at the centre of our church, each individual, each family that drinks regularly from it soon learns how to dig wells of their own.

Absolutely everyone — no matter who you are or what you have done — may come and drink for free. But just because the water is free doesn’t mean it is low quality! As a church, we want to offer you the purest, the freshest drink of spiritual water you have ever tasted — which is why we have been careful to build a fence around the well itself, to protect it. This means we are very selective about who we ask to explain the bible’s meaning to us every Sunday. Just as a dedicated coffeeshop employs only the best baristas to prepare their products, we do our best to ensure that our preachers know how to point us to life in Jesus Christ.

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