Women at the Well

Our desire at CDPCKL is to embrace our identity with God’s visible church. We want to view our lives thru a ‘Gospel lens’ so that we may help to discern and model Gospel community life in our city. God’s Big Picture Story, revealed through Scripture is central to our learning journey. As women of God’s church, we know that growing together in faith will give life and strength (eve and ezer) to our Christian community and overflow Jesus’ message of forgiveness and hope to the city we live in. 

Our Group’s Emphasis & Focus

  • Practical Theology (to study, discuss & experience different visual tools that describe how the Gospel Story transforms our daily life)
  • Gospel-driven Peer Mentorship (to intentionally walk in fellowship and allow Scriptural truths to inform our roles in growing a godly interdependent church community)
  • The World-wide & Historical Church of God (to understand and appreciate that we all come to the CDPC family from different backgrounds, influences, experiences, etc.)
  • Practicing God’s Grace (to form a common language for living the Gospel life in community whilst celebrating a multi-faceted, multi-cultural family of God). 

Every second Saturday of the month the sisters of CDPCKL get together for brunch to talk about how hard it is to be a woman in a man’s world.

You don’t have to be part of CDPCKL to come, you don’t have to sign an attendance pledge to participate and you don’t have to be a confessing Christian to join in. Just come, rest and get to know the church-outside-of-church. 

To join the Women@the Well whatsapp group contact Dar @ 012 348 8629.

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