Who We Are: A Centred Set Church

What does it mean to be a “centred set” church?

An old story goes that a visitor to an Australian ranch noticed the lack of fences. He asked the rancher how he kept his cattle from wandering away. The rancher replied, “Oh, that’s no problem. Out here we dig wells instead of building fences.”

In a “bounded set” community, fences are built to protect the purity of the herd, to distinguish insiders from outsiders. But in a centred set community there are no insiders or outsiders, and the only fence that exists is built about the well to protect the purity of its water.

CDPCKL is a church centred around what we believe to be the only well of living water: Jesus Christ himself. As a centred set community, we believe that if we provide the water, people will naturally be drawn to drink it. Some will taste it once and decide it’s not for them; others will find it sweet, and return to drink again and again. At CDPCKL it is our shared love for the water of life that keeps us together as a community — not race, religion, gender, social status, or any other fencing system.

What does all this mean for you?

It means that everyone — regardless of race or religion — is welcome to come and taste and see, without money and without cost. Don’t worry! — we do not call attention to our visitors. Feel free to drop in quietly. Sit in the back. Observe. Listen. Participate if you are able. We will not try to convert you or fence you in; the truth is, we can’t! All we can do is pass you a cup of water and hope you find it as life-giving as we do.

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