Unity and Diversity: to Mask or Not to Mask (Romans 14:1-23)

We are a diverse congregation, which means we need to answer one particular question: what is the best way for Christians from different cultural backgrounds to love one another — especially if we have different responses to the pandemic?

Suffering and the Adoptive Love of God (Romans 8:14-30)

Being adopted into God’s family means receiving all the same benefits Jesus received, right? Right. But what, exactly, did all those benefits consist of?

The Covenant of Adoption (Exodus 24:1-11)

Does God love us? How can we tell for certain? Travel back to the day the nation of Israel was officially adopted as God’s son, and find out how they would have answered this question…

Love in the Time of Coronavirus (Habakkuk 3:1-19)

As the city of Jerusalem gets ready for lockdown, Habakkuk the prophet wrestles with his fears and his faith.

A Brief History of Sacrifice (Romans 12:1-2)

Paul tells us to “offer your bodies as a living sacrifice,” but what did he mean by that? To answer that question, we have to go all the way back to the Garden of Eden and find out what sacrifice meant to God from the beginning…

What is an Elder? (John 21:15-19)

Are elders supposed to be elderly? Are they supposed to look like board members? What are elders supposed to do? Find out how the bible answers these questions and more…

What is Church Membership? (James 7:5-20)

Is church membership commanded in scripture? Isn’t it just a bit arrogant to believe that a Christian can get everything they need from just one church? And if church leadership becomes abusive, what then?
Find out how the bible answers these questions and more…

The Man of Sorrows (John 11:32-38)

A good friend of Jesus dies, and his other friends want to know why he didn’t stop it from happening. Isn’t he the Son of God? Doesn’t he care? Is there any hope of life? Yes. Yes. And Yes.

The Bible vs. the World: Gender (Genesis 1&2)

Are men and women identical, interchangeable? Or are they equal but different, each one unique, with something unique to offer the world?
Listen in to find out…

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