The Apocalypse of Daniel

Daniel’s journals from exile.

The Beginning of Birth Pains (Daniel 11:36-12:13)

The angel finishes his reading from the Book of Truth, and Daniel is told it is time for him to retire, even though his work is not finished.

A Futile (Future) History of the World (Daniel 11:2-35)

An angel reads Daniel a long passage from the Book of Truth, outlining — in far too much detail — the next three hundred years of history.

The One Greater than Angels (Daniel 10:1-11:1)

Daniel’s people are finally heading home and rebuilding. Daniel is finally Prime Minister. All is finally right with the world! — and then Daniel receives a piece of bad news that just keeps on getting worse.

How to Get Arrested While in Exile (Daniel 6:1-28)

It’s a new day and a new empire, and Daniel once again finds himself in line for promotion. But his subordinates play politics and set him up to get eaten.

How to Rest While in Exile (Daniel 9:20-27)

Daniel receives a rather mathematical communique from Gabriel. But do the numbers mean exactly what they seem to mean?

How to Worship While In Exile (Daniel 9:1-24)

Daniel suddenly remembers a letter he once read when he was a young man, and when he digs it back out of his files and re-reads it, he realises that everything is about to change.

Then a New King Came to Power (Daniel 5:1-31)

Daniel is called in one last time to advise the royal court of Babylon, and is promoted to the highest position he has ever held in government. But does any of it really matter anymore?

A Strangely Specific (Future) History of the World (Daniel 8:1-27)

Daniel receives a second major vision, and even though the angel’s explanation is even more detailed than the first one, somehow Daniel ends up feeling even worse than he did the last time.

An Expanded (Future) History of the World (Daniel 7:15-28)

As Daniel’s vision continues, an angel explains to him what he is seeing: a complete outline of future history. But for some reason knowing this does not help Daniel feel any better…

A Bestial (Future) History of the World (Daniel 7:1-14)

Daniel experiences a nightmare of his own: stormy seas, all-consuming monsters, and — suddenly — the arrival of two heavenly figures, an old man and a young one. What is going on? What does it all mean?

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