The Apocalypse of Daniel

Daniel’s journals from exile.

An Expanded (Future) History of the World (Daniel 7:15-28)

As Daniel’s vision continues, an angel explains to him what he is seeing: a complete outline of future history. But for some reason knowing this does not help Daniel feel any better…

A Bestial (Future) History of the World (Daniel 7:1-14)

Daniel experiences a nightmare of his own: stormy seas, all-consuming monsters, and — suddenly — the arrival of two heavenly figures, an old man and a young one. What is going on? What does it all mean?

The Tree of Life and Wisdom (Daniel 4:1-37)

Nebuchadnezzar learns that religious tolerance is not enough: God will not be satisfied with anything less than total dependence and total commitment.

How To Campaign for Religious Tolerance (Daniel 1:1-30)

King Nebuchadnezzar tries to unite his empire by setting up a state-sanctioned religion. It goes wrong, of course: God interferes and religious tolerance is enforced. But at what cost?

A Brief (Future) History of the World (Daniel 2:24-49)

Daniel saves lives by interpreting the king’s nightmare — oh, and also reveals God’s plan for the rest of history right up to Judgement Day and beyond.

Peace, and a Song of Praise, and a Good Night’s Sleep (Daniel 2:1-23)

A philosophical crisis puts Daniel and his friends on the chopping block.

How To Trust God With Your Future Even When It Looks Like You Don’t Have One (Daniel 1:1-21)

Four young men are sent to university and offered power at the very centre of the empire. Will they be able to resist?

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