The Death of Moses (Exodus 33:7-34:9)

Moses enters into a lengthy period of negotiation on his people’s behalf. Will he persuade God to reconsider his judgement on Israel, or is this the end of the relationship?

The Passion of Moses (Exodus 32:1-33:6)

Moses returns from forty days on the mountain to find that everything has fallen apart in his absence.

Building a House For God: Craftsmen and Project Schedule (Exodus 31:1-18)

The Lord commissions project managers, and reminds everyone that sacred time is just as important as sacred space.

Building a House For God: the Story of Redemption (Exodus 30:1-38)

The Lord finishes his instructions for the tabernacle with an outline of how the whole system is going to work.

Building a House For God: the Light-Keepers’ Ordination (Exodus 29:1-46)

The Lord outlines the steps through which his household servants must be safely prepared for a dangerous role.

Building a House For God: the Light-Keepers’ Clothing (Exodus 27:20-28:43)

The Lord commissions servants to help run his household, and makes sure they are properly armoured for the work.

Building a House For God: Outdoor Kitchen and Garden (Exodus 27:1-19)

The Lord describes the dimensions of the garden outside his house, and a portable grill designed to save and destroy.

Building a House For God: Throne Room and Dining Room (Exodus 26:1-37)

The Lord commissions a two-room house, and writes a symbolic meaning into its structure.

Building a House For God: Dining Table and Lighting (Exodus 25:23-40)

The Lord commissions the next two pieces of furniture, the same two pieces he assembled at the beginning of creation.

Building a House For God: the Ark (Exodus 25:10-22)

The Lord commissions his first piece of furniture, a strongbox designed to protect the very heart of his relationship with his people.

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